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Let me start off by explaining what happened. I can no longer boot Windows but can still access the partition from OS X.


What is making this difficult is I do not see where my precious world was saved. I know normal Minecraft saves in Roaming but I cannot find a saved world in the. The only way I can fix my predicament is to delete my Bootcamp partition and start from scratch with Windows. What I need help with is locating where my map got saved.


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I have placed more than 70, blocks and I really do not want to lose it as it has memories. Please help me!!!! Just use the mac, assuming you're comfortable doing searching and copying on it. What pack are you using? Some are in the.

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Once you've found the mod folder, in there should be a saves folder which contains the worlds. Once you've found it, zip up that whole saves folder and copy it to the mac partition. Later when you want to use it you can unzip it back to the new bootcamp installation and shouldn't have any issues. In future, I'd consider running the standalone server application locally, then connecting to it on that same computer to play single player that way through the 'multiplayer' option in minecraft.

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Diversity 2 - Worlds - Minecraft - CurseForge

I never thought to look in the modpacks folder. I currently have my world saved and can now fix Bootcamp. I can even begin to explain how happy I am right now!!!! I do have a question, how do I set up that whole server thing "through the 'multiplayer' option. I have never built a server so I really do not know where to look. The Minecraft installation is located here:. The Library folder is hidden by default.

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If your friend is having trouble finding it, have him try these:. Use Finder's 'Go' menu. Use Finder's 'Go to folder See here for more Minecraft Mac Help. No, it's not hidden. It's just in an hard-to-find spot. Using the texture pack button will always get you to the correct folder for whichever client you're using no matter whether it's modded or not, so it's the most reliable method.

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Minecraft - How to download Mods, Maps, and Resourse Packs for Mac

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