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And you can use iCloud drive to sync your documents with Byword's iOS app. Plus, it has a typewriter mode that scrolls text as you write, keeping the passage you're working on in the middle of the screen, much like IA Writer.

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The layout and design is similar in many ways to iA Writer, albeit without quite the same polish. Saying that, it is a fair bit cheaper, so if your writing is predominantly online, it could be a very useful addition to your collection. LibreOffice is a free office suite which has many of the features of Microsoft's offering.

10 of the Best Word Processing Apps for Mac, both premium and free

Writer, as the name suggests, is its word-processing element, and very good it is too. Importantly, it has full support for. Wizards allow you to quickly set up memos, letters and even mail-merge documents, and there are all the styling and formatting tools you would expect. An auto-complete feature makes suggestions as you type, though this may not be for everyone. There are tools to create tables of contents and indexes for longer documents, while a template centre on the LibreOffice website has lots of document templates you can download and use.

Microsoft Office 365 apps are now available in the Mac App Store

There are also downloadable extensions that add features to Writer. LibreOffice lacks the polish of Office and doesn't have the same features to allow you to easily work on documents on an iOS device as well as your Mac. But as a free tool that supports multiple formats and covers all the basics, it's excellent.

Google pioneered the web-based app method of working, and its word processor Docs has gone from strength to strength.

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It's a decent option for working on documents on your own, with the main benefit being that you can work on them wherever you're logged into your Google account, be it on your own Mac, an iOS device, or anywhere you have access to a web browser. But it really comes into its own as a collaborative tool. Multiple users can work on a shared document simultaneously but only if they've been given permission to do so by the document creator. Google Docs allows you to see changes others make to the document in real time and colour-coded user IDs make it easy to see who's made the changes.

It's not a tool we'd choose for writing a novel or a screenplay, but as a means of sharing ideas, creating documents and reports, drawing up lists, or sharing text used by multiple members of a team - say, boilerplate copy for stories on a website, or posts on a blog - it's excellent, especially as keeping that copy up to date is so easy.

Apple's Pages has always been as much about making your documents look great as it has been about providing you with great writing tools. The latest version, however, is a very competent writing application indeed. The use of iCloud as storage for documents means you can work on them wherever you have a Mac, iOS device or access to a web browser.

While there have been many additions to Pages in recent versions, one thing that hasn't changed is the best-in-class templates for creating documents easily. Placeholders make it easy to add images from the Photos app, or anywhere else on your Mac, and if you're not happy with the colours or fonts used in a template, you can change those too.

Pages is a fully featured, modern word processor, all of which makes its price or lack thereof all the more impressive. Scrivener has an army of fans who use it to write everything from blog posts to full-length novels and screenplays. And it's easy to see why it's so popular, especially now the third major version has been released. For a start there are numerous templates for novels, short stories, various screenplays including standard formats for BBC Radio and BBC Taped Drama , non-fiction documents and even poetry.

Each document has a library for documents and their sub-documents, all of which can be colour-coded and kept in folders if you want. There's also a library for research notes. TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. If you own a Mac, there are plenty of word processors to choose from. I wanted a word processor for Mac that was fast, lightweight and beautiful to look at.

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The typefaces are stellar and the three text width options offer some flexibility for different writing styles. I enjoy crafting news stories with the narrow setting — it reminds me of the column width used in newspapers — but usually revert back to the medium and wide options for long-form pieces. The app also offers a full screen mode, which gives you a distraction-free space for when you need to hit deadlines. The app also supports Markdown formatting, which you can preview at any time in a separate window.

Need an alternative? While plenty of services solve this problem, Google Docs is the one that I often fall back on. References, notes and ideas are often contained in separate documents, which result in a long-winded back-and-forth scenario while you write. Scrivener cleans up this mess with a well-designed, straightforward interface tailored to anyone working on a long-form piece of text. Draft allows you to split your document into separate sections or chapters, before compiling them into one long document at the end.

Media, meanwhile, supports a wide variety of file types for you to reference as you write, similar to Evernote , and Trash is pretty self-explanatory. The right-hand side of the app is the main text editor, which you can use to change the current file. Scrivener has a fairly difficult learning curve and some advanced features that many writers shy away from. Learn more. Editor's Picks 5 free alternatives to Word on Mac. More Mac tricks.

10 Best Word Processing Apps for Mac

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