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The current version of the Vray Domemaster3D shaders for Maya is a development build. The Vray for Maya version generally works for 2D mono panoramic renderings without too many issues but the screen space mapping features for the lens shaders is still a work in progress.

Arnold for 3ds Max

More work needs to be done to apply a black overlay to the circular outside area of the domemaster frame. Also the shader doesn't apply a circular alpha channel overlay yet. The Maya integration is still a work in progress.

There is now a custom VrayDomemaster3D shelf that makes it easier to use the Domemaster3D lens shaders. To turn a normal camera into a DomemasterStereo or LatLongStereo formatted camera, select the camera's shape node in the Attribute Editor window. At this point you can turn ON the lens shader by scrolling down to the bottom of the Attribute Editor window and expanding the " Extra VRay Attributes " section. This will remove the lens shader's attributes that are listed in the Extra VRay Attributes section.

Step 1.


VRayPattern For Maya Manual - iCube R&D Group - support

Step 2. If the modules folder doesn't exist in the destination folder path, then create the modules directory too. The build in renderer in Rhino is no good to me, since I need photo-realistic results. However, the full editions of vray or maxwell which i know produce fantastic results , both cost around dollars.

Yeah, switch to a PC and the price difference will pay for render software…. My personal experience shows me that, yes, vray produces brilliant results and is my personal choice. But there is more to architectural visualization than an good rendering engine. For example good textures and advanced skills in Adobe PS. There is no need to buy e. Cinema4D and the Vray plugin in first year of architecture school.

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Just an advice. You need some good external application - like Cinema 4D, Modo or Blender. Download The Ozone The Ozone is a wonderful plugin used by many professional studios to create realistic atmospheres. It comes with four atmosphere models as Standard , Volumetric , Spectral and Environment Mapping and it is fully compatible with world class production renderers, Mental Ray and V-ray.

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  • Ozone has a very simple and user friendly interface that holds controls and settings regarding sun, skies, cloud layers, rainbows, haze etc. All of these settings are animatable so that user can easily create beautiful and believable atmosphere with moving sun, clouds and other atmospheric elements. Download Fume FX 3. It offers almost everything, whatever a vfx artist probably needs to create stunning fluid and fume effects for films and games. It has tons of great features like GPU preview support, fluid mapping, Support for network simulation, Nested Simulation technology to simulate multiple overlapping grids simultaneously and there is lot more to explore in Fume FX.

    Download Syflex Syflex is a cool plugin for simulating realistic cloth and creating garments for your characters. It is very flexible and easy to use plugin that allows user to create garments without messing with panels. It allows you to save the simulations as cache files for smooth and faster playback. It supports blending of multiple cache files to get a nice combined effect of different simulation data.

    You can even re-simulate the selected frames without re-calculating the whole sequence.

    Post a question. Get an answer.

    It also gives users the flexibility to optimize the collisions by excluding and including the faces from the collision during simulation. This plugin is available for Maya Download Pulldownit Pulldownit is an awesome dynamic solver used to simulate fractures, shattering and cracking surfaces, collapsing buildings. This tool has numerous amounts of features that are more than enough to achieve believable destruction effects.

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    • Shatter it! By using Shatter it! Download Realflow Realflow is one of the best fluid simulators which has been frequently used in the CG industry in tons of different projects. You can simulate any kind of water bodies from stormy sea, flowing rivers to calm ponds with the help of this great plugin. It also provides RealWave toolset to simulate different types of waves and you can even simulate Rigid and soft bodies through Caronte solver with massive waves to make all the simulation tasks way easier than before.

      Download The Plant Factory Plant Factory is one of the best plugins for creating any kind of vegetation and trees for Archviz. It supports Procedural geometry and material generation with fully animatable trees,. FBX file formats support, so that you can easily export all the Plant Factory data to be used in other 3d packages.

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      Moreover, you can add new plants and trees to you library from TPF Nursery. Download Flux Fluid Simulator Flux is one of the most powerful plugins for creating stunning fluid simulations with a nice and flexible node-based User Interface. Fluid simulation is something that consumes good amount of memory to fasten the simulation process. This is one of the biggest advantages of using this plugin.

      SLiB Floor Vol. I for V-Ray + FloorGen (Plugin)

      Download The Matte Painting Toolkit 3. It has a very minimalist UI that holds controls and options regarding texture layers, mapping or projection type, camera settings etc. It supports point cloud data and camera import that can be used as a modeling reference and fully compatible with any renderer available for Maya. A must have plugin for texturing artists and matte painters. Download Renderman Studio Renderman was developed and implemented by a well-known Animation company Pixar for their own productions.