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  1. Things to know before proceeding
  2. HOW TO: Do a Clean Install of OS X Lion
  3. Make a Bootable Mac OS X Lion Installer from a USB Flash Drive
  4. How to Clean Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion

The Lion installer is downloaded to your Applications folder, and it is just under 4 GB in size. The system requirements are:. You can install Lion on any internal drive, including SSDs solid state drives.

Things to know before proceeding

The Lion Recovery partition takes MB of the free space. The Lion installer creates two partitions, one for Lion and one for recovery tools. You can use the Recovery Partition to repair drives, fix permissions, and format drives, as well as reinstall Lion if needed. The Recovery Partition includes a bootable system with Disk Utility.

The target volume should be erased at best; at a minimum, it should not contain any OS X system. With previous versions of OS X installers, you could erase the target drive as part of the installation process. With the Lion installer, there are two methods of performing a clean install. One method requires you to create a bootable Lion install DVD, and the second lets you perform a clean install using the Lion installer you downloaded from the Mac App Store. The difference between the two methods is that to use the Lion installer directly, you must have a drive or partition that you can erase before running the installer.

Using a bootable Lion install DVD allows you to erase a drive or partition as part of the installation process. If you're going to perform a clean install of Lion on a drive other than your current startup drive, then you're ready to proceed. Before you begin the Lion installation process, back up your existing OS X system and user data. Performing a clean install on a separate drive or partition shouldn't cause any data loss with your current system, but stranger things have happened, and it is best to be prepared.

At a minimum, make sure you have a current backup.

For more protection, make a bootable clone of your current startup drive. You must erase the target drive before you can start the Lion installation process. Remember that to use the Lion installer as downloaded from the Mac App Store, you must have a working copy of OS X to start the installer from. You may need to create a new partition to install to or resize existing partitions to create the necessary space.

Before you start the Lion installer, close all other applications that are currently running on your Mac. After your Mac restarts, the installation process continues. A progress bar displays along with an estimate of the time it will take to complete the installation. Installation speed ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. If you have multiple displays connected to your Mac, turn all of them on before you begin the Lion installation process.

Reinstallation of OS X Lion On a 2011 MacBook Air

The installer may display the progress bar on a display other than your usual main screen; if that display isn't on, you'll wonder what's happening. Fortunately, it does not appear that Apple has limited our ability to create our own installation media. It has not been tested with the retail version of OS X Lion, but we will test this approach as soon as the software is available in its retail form.

What is Recovery partition?

It is great to see Apple moving more and more towards online software distribution, there still remains instances when consumers would like to install drives from physical media. Let us know in the comments how long it too for you to install. Find the InstallESD.

Finally there is a quit button which does what it says; quit the application. Let's then click the open Start-up Disk Preferences button.

HOW TO: Do a Clean Install of OS X Lion

Interact with the possible start-up disks scroll area, choose your bootable USB Flash Drive by selecting the appropriate radio buttons, stop interacting with the scroll area and click restart button. To interact and stop interact with VoiceOver do one of the following: A. Press vo-shift-down arrow to interact; vo-shift-up arrow to stop interacting. Press down-right arrows to interact; down-left arrows to stop interacting.

Make a Bootable Mac OS X Lion Installer from a USB Flash Drive

This is assuming QuickNav is enabled with left-right arrows. Click restart button again to confirm you want to restart the computer. How long it takes depends on your USB flash drive. To enable the whole operation to talk and output to Braille if you have such facilities requires starting VoiceOver. To do this press command-F5. You may hear a different voice than what you're used to.

This is because in effect a temporary copy of VoiceOver used for installation and other purposes is running and so the voice is set to Fred which runs on even older hardware. To manage your disks including partitioning, select Disk Utility and click continue button. Should you wish to repartition your disk, please be aware all data previously stored on the disk will be erased. Make sure you have a disk backup somewhere. Let's for example structure the disk so you have one big partition. To do this: a. Interact with the disks table and choose the topmost column which is your entire disk and not just your start-up partition.

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Stop interacting with the disks table, click the partition tab to select it, choose 1 from the partition layout pop-up button and click apply button. Interacting with a pop-up button involves activating the item with either vo-space up-down arrows if QuickNav is enabled , space or return. Note The current option allows you to manage the partitions on the disk without losing data. Confirm you wish to layout the partition this way by clicking the partition button.

It will then go away and do its thing. This should take a matter of seconds.

How to Clean Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion

You will even see it format the disk with the appropriate file system and disk label which you can also choose before applying the new layout. So interact with the applications table, choose Install Mac OS X, stop interacting with the applications table and click continue button. It is now a matter of just following the on screen instructions.

Note At the final step of the installer before it does its work, VoiceOver appears to lose focus. You will know this as attempting to navigate will only result in a ding.

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You should now be able to select the disk you wish to install OS X on and click the install button. At the preparing to install screen, when it says about a second remaining and it's at Do not panic and certainly do not do a thing. Just walk away, grab your favourite refreshments and before you know it the mac will suddenly boot to the installer now stored on the hard disk.

I hope you find this guide to be of use. Any comments good or bad will be very welcome.