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Users will also be able to sync files from SharePoint sites and OneDrive for Business shared folders to their desktops, like they have been able to for files that they own. This standalone client gives IT administrators a way to directly deploy business-specific functionality.

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Allowing users to sync group shared folders and data from SharePoint means that teams can have up-to-date versions of broadly shared files automatically available to them. In the past, users had to go get those files from a web interface, or use an older version of the OneDrive client that supported SharePoint sync.

January seems like the season for updates to cloud file storage services. Weird, right?

If it sees the OneNote Notebooks, is there an option to open it online. Let's answer these questions.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Here was what ended up being the fix specifically, situation 2 :. Try to create a new notebook via File menu and check if it can sync successfully in OneNote Online.

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Remove these connections Sites and OneDrive for Business in Open panel, log out your account and login again to check whether you can open these connected service OneDrive for Business. Situation 1.

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Situation 2. If you can connect OneDrive for Business after you login but still can't see the notebooks in OneDrive for Business, follow these steps below:. Sign out and quit all Office applications. Search for all occurrences of ADAL in the keychain and remove all those entries if present. Restart Mac, open Office and sign in again.

Fix OneDrive Sync Problems (Mac)

Refer to Situation 1 to lock your keychain again to see the outcomes if issue persists. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. What are your thoughts? Log in or Sign up log in sign up. Continue this thread. Do you have a Mac OneDrive App?

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